Art Retreat Provence Sept 9-16, 2023

Retreat Follows Vincent Van Gogh

Itinerary … 

Saturday, September 9,     Retreat begins in the evening

▪ TGV high-speed train from Paris to Avignon (suggested, on your own)

▪ We will pick you up at Gare d’Avignon TGV train station and bring you to the retreat venue

▪ Welcome reception followed by dinner

Sunday, Sept 10 – Friday, Sept 15

Typical painting/creativity day:

▪ French continental breakfast

▪ Meditation

▪ Travel to destination* and paint until lunchtime

▪ Lunch at the location

▪ Return for afternoon rest/relaxation/options**

▪ Hors d’oeuvres and review of the day’s creations

▪ Provencial dinner with wine

Friday, Sept 15    Farewell chef-prepared dinner

Saturday, Sept 16   We bring you to the Gare d’Avignon TGV train station in the morning


*Painting destinations:

✓ Alychamps cemetery & Hôtel-Dieu-Saint-Espirit in Arles.

Art Retreat Provence- Van Gogh Alyscamps

Alychamps Cemetery by Vincent Van Gogh


Art Retreat Provence-Garden of Hotel Dieux in Arles by Van Gogh

Garden of Hotel Dieux Psychiatric Hospital by Vincent Van Gogh

✓ Gardens of Moulin de la Roque.

Art Rertreat Provence-gardens of Moulin de la Roque

Garden pathway of Moulin-de-la-Roque

✓ Saint-Paul de Mausole psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence where Van Gogh painted 143 paintings in one year.

Art Retreat Provence-olive trees-Vincent Van Gogh

Olive trees-Vincent by Van Gogh

✓ Castle Esplanade Overlook in Noves.

Art Retreat Provence Eva's painting of Gordes

Art Retreat Provence  – Eva’s painting of Gordes

✓ Choice of architecture/environs on the estate.

Art Retreat Provence Architecture at Moulin-de-la-Roque-

Architecture at Moulin-de-la-Roque

**One afternoon will be on-your-own shopping in Avignon.

Art Retreat Provence Shopping in Avignon

**One afternoon will be a Cooking Class.

Art Retreat Provence-Cooking on Brittany Retreat-Sept 2019

Cooking on Brittany Art Retreat – Sept 2019

Note: The schedule will be adapted as circumstances may require.